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DOS Games > Strategy > F > Fantasy Empires for DOS

Fantasy Empires

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.    |     Developer: Silicon Knights
Game Review (written by Bryanfv84) Added on: 10/13/2006
For those of you looking for amazing graphics this is not the game for you. For those of you out there that truly enjoy a challenging strategy game you need to check out this game. With different infantry types and hero types there are many different battle combinations for this game. Not only do you get to command your empire as far as buildings and how many troops to rise, but you get to actually command the battles.
Most of the strategy games out there you get everything set up and then tell your troops to attack or you have the live action where you build and attack all at once.
Personally I like having the time to really plan my moves as far as where and how I conquer. So having the battle be separate still allows you to have some more of the action you desire in a slower turn based world. Your troops as well as your heroes gain strength as you move throughout the game and battles. Aside from just battles your heroes can also go on quests that depending on the risk of death can be very rewarding.
Your heroes will level up as well as bringing back different items some that will help their personal performance and some that will enhance your entire kingdom. Your different types of heroes also have to do with what
Fantasy EmpiresFantasy EmpiresFantasy Empires
kind of magic that you have. There are two different kinds of magic and two different spells books that you can choose from. One book has to do with the strength of your cleric and the other with your magic user or wizard.
Again this is an old game that really should be re-made, there is so much that could be added to this game with the present structure in place. There could be increased kingdom building that would definitely increase the strategy side. More races and character types should definitely be added to increase the battle variety. Most importantly the battles themselves could be a little more involved than just running around and attacking or not attacking. On top of everything having a nice face lift as far as the graphics would slightly increase the value of this game.
The main thing here is like I said before the structure of this game is brilliant. The composition of strategy and battle is great and there is a never ending amount of challenge for this game that can never truly be mastered.
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Chris (10/12/2009)
How do I get through the first screen when starting a campaign? It asks for a word from the booklet that comes with the CD. I've guessed it before but it would be nice if there were a copy of the booklet online. Anyone know where that might be?
Merlyn_x (07/30/2008)
I always liked the fact that you could actually build a castle, that then affected the combat.
Larry krueger (04/22/2006)
This and Cyber Empires were both in the top 10 strategy games for me >)

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