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DOS Games > Strategy > G > Global Domination for DOS

Global Domination

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Rchase5) Added on: 02/27/2007
I remember playing Global Domination when I was 10 or 11 on my old, completely internet-incapable IBM. The prospect was exciting, take on the persona of a prominent historical figure and conquer the world. However, the game was pretty advanced for its simplicity. You could attempt to hold treaties with other diplomats in an effort to spare your territories from being annexed to theirs, and the AI would actually say humorous phrases when defeated or won. I like to think of it as an archaic, MSDOS version of Age of Empires or a very, very basic version of Risk.
Actually, like Risk, there is no naval warfare.
Features include different modern army types, espionage, sabotage, intelligence, random revolutions, and tactical-level combat. The graphics are DOS-era but very appealing. Bright, vivid colors distinguish your territory from others.
Play at a simple or advanced level against your friends (via modem or using the same computer) or against one of history's notable conquerors (represented by the computer). Choose from Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Attila the Hun and more, each with their own personality and playing style that affects their strategy.
Build up huge armies with your choice of unit types, and decide where to site your attack force. You can either have combat resolved for you by the computer, like a board game, or zoom down to a satellite view of
Global DominationGlobal Domination
the battlefield and lead your forces to victory in person.
To rule the world, you'll need to select your countries with care, trying to conquer as many of the resource-rich countries as you can, and work with your fellow megalomaniacs. Use alliances and pacts to buy safety on some fronts while you wage war on others, but beware the wrath of an opponent whose trust you've breached. Also watch out for opponents whose words of peace cannot be trusted. Use subversive activity to undermine your tougher opponents, and use spies to find out what the enemy is really up to.
This game also has a random map generator, much like the aforementioned Age of Empires. The sound effects were pretty impressive for its time, but the box claimed that the satellite view was "stunning". Even in its heyday (1993), those weren't the best graphics. If you wanted that, you would have played "Lost In Time".
A fun fact about this game is that Adolf Hitler was going to be one of the playable characters on the selection screen. They even advertised it on the box, but showed no such promise.
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861158 (10/12/2009)
perfect game! you will enjoy your play! Not to hard, takes some time. Graphics are old, but sufficient.
Wildgeese (03/26/2008)
A good Strategy game, simple and easy to play.

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