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3 Facts about King’s Bounty Not Everyone Knows

A the-jon-van-caneghem-designed game, King’s bounty, is famous for its amazing graphic design. It was published in 1990, and since then it has been a part of a lot of gamer’s life. However, trust us when we say that there are many things that you might don’t know about this game. Here are some facts you might find interesting:

Negative Reviews

This game, because it is extremely famous, it has thousands of reviews, which many of them are negative. The comments start off saying that the game didn’t bring anything new to the table.  Everything from the game feels kind of like a mix of Heroes of Might and Magic. A lot of gamers don’t like the idea of the game is just for solo-player, and not having the option of multi-player.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean the game was overly criticized. Actually, it is really hard to find more negative factors of the game.


The game gives out the options of creating a character as you wish, handing you the opportunity to choose their skills, weapons, spells, armor, and a bunch of things that are going to be of need for your character.

The Gameplay

The character is set up as the hero, leading all his army across all of the 4 continents. With each defeat of the rival’s army, you get the advantage of revealing a piece of the map, which hides scepter’s burial location. Throughout the game a lot of treasures are revealed, when you get parts of the map. Within the treasures, the character gains supernatural powers.

As the character goes on, he finds a numerous amount of creatures, which belong to each continent, but the main character as he gets more and more treasures, he gains gold, that is required to retain them.

This game has an amazing concept that is perfectly designed to make you live an astonishing experience as if you were actually living what you are playing.