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DOS Games > Strategy > L > Lords of Conquest for DOS

Lords of Conquest

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 11/30/2007
Lords of Conquest is a strategic war game that is based on the famous board game called Risk. The game has the ability to have up to seven players, not all having to actually be computer players and you will be given a different color for each team. The color will distinguish your men from others, as well as the land you currently have.

When it comes to the computer's players there are three levels of difficulty that they have. These consist of aggressive, defensive or passive.
Each level will vary in the level of difficulty that the computer acquires giving you either a better chance at winning, or actually challenging yourself. As the human player, you must make the decisions that will shape the game. These decisions consist of the odds of attack, resources, and lastly the amount of water vs. land on the gaming board. You will also have to decide how you can win the game, which is called the Victory conditions.

When it comes to selecting your territories, you will begin a turn based selection. This will continue on until each piece of land has been selected. You each will have an equal amount at the beginning, which may leave a few places unoccupied. Throughout the game you
No Thumbnail available
will either win more, or lose more territories, depending on how well you strategize your turns. After the territories have been selected you will begin placement of your men, then start up trades, then you will be required to do shipments, then you will begin your conquest being able to attack twice per turn, lastly you will have the development stage and this allows you to purchase cities, weapons, and boats. As mentioned above, it is very similar to Risk.

In this game there are five different resources that you can attempt getting. These resources consist of coal, gold, iron, timber, and horses, each having a different value and allowing you to do more with them. When it comes to the combat part of the game the winner is mainly decided by how many of the territories you own surrounding the area of combat. If you have more territories touching the area you will be more likely to win, but this doesnít always happen so donít think you will every time.

The graphics and sounds have been very well done for this game. With so many terrains available and many areas that require a little detail this game did require a large amount of graphical detail. There is a selection of nineteen different maps available to choose from, so you could just imagine how long the development of this game actually took.

Throughout the years Lords of Conquest has been a well-known and enjoyed game by many. If you got tired of playing the board game because there is just that horrendous clean up after each game, then I think you should try this game out. With the ability to still play against your friends you will still be having just as much fun and not have to dread when the game ends. Lords of Conquest is a phenomenal strategy game that is by far one of the best.
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Dirtbrowncowboy (04/14/2012)
Like strategy, and turn based gamesbut don\'t want to take 3 days to play it. This is an addictive quick game of strategy very much in the tradition of risk, with a twist. With an game time that averages about 20-30 minutes and a random map generator the re-playability of this game is right up there with chess. User options can make the game one of pure strategy, or luck can be set to be a minor or major factor in your outcome. I would suggest higher risk factors because event though the AI is adequate (this game did come out in the 80\'s) I find with the risk factor set at low, I beat the computer almost every time. Of course there is a solution to this. Grab a friend (or two) and play against each other! I have enjoyed playing this game for 25 years whenever I\'ve wanted am enjoyable way to exercise the brain.
Madmantaz (09/18/2008)
One of the premier strategy games from the C64 era. Many a dull duty shift I spent whiling away the hours on this game and have been searching for it for the PC, off and on, for a number of years. A great game in my book!

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