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DOS Games > Strategy > L > Lords of The Realm 2 for DOS

Lords of The Realm 2

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Impressions
Game Review 1 (written by Falconjh) Added on: 08/18/2006
Lords of the realm 2 is one of the best dos/win 95 games ever made. There are some bugs in the game and tricks for winning battles that could have been designed better however the game is still really fun and very addicting. From county management with keeping everyone fed and happy to making castles to fighting real-time battles to diplomacy this game has it all. Castle to win requires just 1 battering ram to knock down both doors and a few archers.
Place the archers right at the narrow neck leading to the flag and they will kill everyone around the flag.
If the enemy has enough units they may rush the archers so keep some mace men or similar unit to protect the archers. A very small army is thus able to capture even the best of defended castles.
Fighting the battle is often times the best because one it is fun and two you often have a much better chance of winning. Expect in the case where you are defending a royal castle then it is in your own best interest to let the auto-calculation feature work so that you will win with less losses to your own army. I find that grain
Lords of The Realm 2Lords of The Realm 2Lords of The Realm 2
works best for feeding the people in the county however cows also work great because you can often feed your people with just the cheese.
Be sure to capture a county with a stone quarry quickly so that you are able to build your castle and go straight to the royal castle as it is the best defense once you complete it an additional 150 troops will be sent to the castle even if you do not have the ability to raise such an army or have the weapons produced for the army to be worth anything so it is a great help. I find that archers are the best unit in the game that or knights as both are able to take out lots of units.
Knights are useful even in small groups but archers usually require larger armies to be extremely effective but once in a large group of archers they are able to take out even an equivalent number of knights with little loss. One on one however the knights would destroy them so keep your archers group and if possible keep other units even if it is peasants up front to take the hits so the archers can keep destroying your enemies!
Game Review 2 (written by Cjmanchild) Added on: 08/18/2006
Lords of the Realm 2 comes from a long line of turn-based strategies. The game is set in the medieval era, having to do battle with up to four computer players. The game consists of basic resource management. Collecting wood, iron and stone plus growing wheat or milking cows to feed the populous. Apart from this, collecting gold from the people and training armies for defending your counties or invading a helpless or occupied enemy county. Also trading with the roaming merchants that circle around map from town to town plays a critical part in keeping the people happy or getting the last bit.
The game is not as easy as it sounds. For everything you do there is a result. Such as not having enough farmers in the field will produce a small crop yield and then the people will not have anything to eat. Or taxing the people and conscripting them for your armies will drop their love for you and they can revolt.
The enemies in Lords of the Realm 2 are quite varied. When one enemy like the Knight will try to invade as many counties as possible to establish a solid base of operations. Others such as the Countess or the Bishop will build huge castles to protect their lands and tax their people quite heavily.
With enemies on your door step and revolting villagers inside the county. Defense plays a big role in your survival in Lords of the realm 2. There are 5 types of castles to build. From a small Wooden palisade to a monster 7 tower Royal castle each castle cost wood and stone to build and time for your builders to construct it. Lords of the Realm 2 also has a quick game feature, allowing for quick strategy action and a detailed game interface for those that like to set the boundaries.
A great addition to this is Lords of the Realm 2 Siege Pack. This comes with 20 new maps and a skirmish mode. In closing, this game is great for those that are looking for a real strategy time. You really have to think in this game and although it will take time to get the basics to establish a functioning county, it will worth it when you conquer the whole map and become Lord of the Realm.
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Dirtiskhan (03/19/2011)
Lord of the Realms 2 is a game I grew up with and loved. Hard to beat a classic game this awesome!
Solito20 (01/23/2011)
I have been looking for this game like in forever .i thought i would never find it .imma be stuck on this game for weeks lol
Charliedevildog (01/19/2011)
Lords of the Realm 2 was one of the most addicting computer games growing up. I played it for years before I got a new computer which woulnd't allow the game to work. Since lost the disk but my love for this game has remained. It's a wonderful mix of turn based strategy slightly reminiscent of civilization, and RTS when you must take on the feudal armies of your competitors. If you like RTS and still aren't too spoiled by the graphics of modern RTS games then you gotta DL this game. Simple but sweet.
Bsquad15 (01/15/2011)
I played this one as a kid and thoroughly loved it. My dad and I would jokingly wrestle over who got the computer to play it, and eventually my Mom got so tired of us spending our time on the computer that she took the game and hid it. Unfortunately, she didn't know anything about proper disc storage and put it in the attic. When we found it some 4 years later, the disc had become so warped that the game was no longer playable. It was by far one of the saddest days of my life.
Artic_chill (01/14/2011)
one of the best old games ever! so much fun and a great time killer! if i had more time i would be playing more. every chance i get i play. i belieave older games are much better then the newer ones coming out and this is one of the best
Siversurfer (01/06/2011)
I love this game, it was ahead of its time. It is quite addicting, they should have made follow up games.
Jeff (12/19/2010)
I used to play this game all the time, i recently tried to install it with the original cd, but it would not install into my computer. I will have to bring out my old laptop to get it to work i guess.
Mounttrader (07/25/2009)
I don't know why this game was not praised more. It is a fantastic game. I remember playing this game growing up and loved it. A lot more strategy than you would think, given its slower pace. Everything is done is seasons which makes organization a key strategy item.
Jaybyron (07/13/2009)
I remember playing this game as a little kid for hours. I rank it up there with Warcraft and Age of Empires.
Winman16 (05/06/2009)
This game is absolutely awesome. Full of strategy and action-packed battles. Yet also very easy to play.
Larsa25 (04/20/2009)
This is one of those games that you'll be playing for years off and on. It has real staying power.
Donut111 (04/19/2009)
Lots of fun, easy to play. Good game. It is very addictive and anyone can pick the game up easily. A must have game!
Norfolkfalls (03/12/2009)
This has to be the best computer game I have ever played. Months worth of hours were spent playing this game.
Wraith20878 (03/08/2009)
Man, this was a great game back in the day. This was the first RTS game I ever played, and I've been hooked on them ever since.
Kesita (02/28/2009)
I have been playing this game for years and years and every so often I keep coming back to it, it's awesome!
Joerub (01/07/2009)
You really have to think in this game and although it will take time to get the basics to establish a functioning county, it will be worth it when you conquer the whole map and become Lord of the Realm.
Erotsten (12/19/2008)
My favorite game of all time. I started playing again a couple of years ago and still play often.
Serge (12/15/2008)
Best strategy for when you are being sieged was to have 500 archers in the royal castle. Line up your oil barrels in front and hide the archers behind. No damage !
Shrodin (12/15/2008)
Loved the castle sieges. I remember just stacking a bunch of archers in my castle and using the oil to burn everyone. Good times.
Hektikdoodle89 (12/08/2008)
Amazing Game definitely. This has had to be one of my favorite games when I had my windows 95.
Mountain747 (11/30/2008)
My brother came home for Thanksgiving and we started talking about games we used to play. This one came up and I immediately tried to find it. It's a great game and I can't wait to start playing it again.
Grantuhlig (11/29/2008)
Probably the best game I've played. 8-9 years later, it still holds water. We use to spend days on this thing and it still hasn't lost its appeal.
Splinter1 (11/14/2008)
Very good game. This game will last for a long long time. Simple but yet at the same time very interesting to the point where you want to play again and again.
Ripplayer (10/27/2008)
Good game and Great strategy. Fun castle sieges a must play if you like medieval games. Lots of entertainment for hours of fun.
Jkallen63 (10/02/2008)
I have spent many hours on Lords2, and I have enjoyed them all. The AI is a little on the limited and predictable side, but it was good enough to keep my interested anyway. Good game.
Buster_k (10/01/2008)
What a great game. Simple, yet addicting. You can spend a lot of time playing this. There are some tricks to winning and once you figure them out it gets easy, even on the hardest setting, but it's still fun to play over and over again. My favorite PC game.
Rygood1 (09/27/2008)
I love this game. Being able to download it is the whole reason I joined classic games. I've been playing it since I was 12 or 13.
Hombre13 (09/22/2008)
Used to spend hours playing this. I found the best tactics was to have an army of pike men and archers.
Kuja2002 (08/30/2008)
I like this game , it's quite simple and the graphics are sooooo cool. Strategy games are the top, should anyone try them, especially this game. You will love it.
Kcri_7 (08/23/2008)
This game is cool, I remember playing it when I was a kid. I enjoyed the first one as well. It was this game that got me hooked on pc gaming. Thank´s for a game.

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