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Battle Realms – 4 Facts about this Strategy Game

Everyone who loves games as much as I do must have some knowledge on this amazing game, this is why our team decided to bring you some facts about this treasure of a strategy game.

The Origin

This amazing game has been one of the best releases from Ubi Soft. Back in 2001 Liquid Entertainment and Ubi Soft released this strategy video game. It was their first game ever released. One year later, the expansion pack was released Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf.

The Plot

The whole game is about Kenji, the last heir to the throne of the Serpent, and his return from exile. But when suddenly he encounters some bandits attacking a little village, he has to choose between killing the bandits and saving the peasants, or he can become part of the bandit’s group and kill the peasants.

This choice will determine to which clan he joins if he helps the bandits he will be following the path of the Serpent clan, but if he saves the peasants then he will be part of the Dragon Clan.

Throughout the game, you will be able to choose the territories you want to attack, the path you want to follow and more. By doing specific things you will get particular benefits. There are other characters, like Zen Masters from the Keep, whichwill help you.

A Special Factor

This real-time strategy game follows the same structure as every one of its kinds. It has a variety of factions that also have several types of structures and units to play with. However, this game is special because of an aspect that many games like this don’t have.

In this game, the units you have that are basic workers, like peasants, are more useful than ever. They can gather resources and construct. They are also a base unit that can be upgraded into a military unit.

The Factions

As I said before, this game has several factions that you can choose throughout your game choices. Each one of them is unique and has their own philosophy about life and war.

The Dragon clan: warriors who fight honorable battles, they are proud.

The Serpent clan: they are mischievous and tricky, they do things out of brutality. They are special for mastering weapon technologies and for having Necromancy.

The Lotus clan: This is one of the oldest clans, it consists of sorcerers that have magic as their biggest power. They enslaved the clan that used to serve the Serpents, the Wolf clan.

The Wolf Clan: These are the enslaved ones we talked about, they are miners and workers who live pretty basic lives. Their culture takes great importance on nature.

This game is pretty important in the industry as it has received many positive critics and has been positively received by the public. I hope that you liked knowing a little bit more about this amazing game!