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DOS Games > Strategy > R > Realms for DOS


Genre: Strategy    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Alexc999) Added on: 02/17/2009
Realms is a strategy game where you choose between six races some of which are orcs, humans, elves and amazons. Each race has its own strengths.
The object of the game is to conquer the lands by building up your armies and equipping them, once you feel they are ready you send them out to fight battles to build them up from raw recruits to elite warriors. The better the experience of the troops the more likely to win a battle, you also send them out to take over, sack or destroy enemy cites.
Armies consist of three main types of troop which are cavalry, infantry and bowmen. Depending on equipment issued states if light or heavy troops.
During battles you can choose for the computer to provide the outcome or control the fight yourself. You do this by a point click system. The troops can be formed into line wedge or phalanx formations depending on how you want your army set up on the field. You can only have a certain number of units on screen at one time, if you have a greater number than these in your army the rest are held off screen for reinforcements to take the place of defeated or retreating units.
Also you have to control your taxes, which
No Thumbnail available
needs to be done separately for each city, (a slightly annoying point of this is that you have to numerously click on the raise button for each city rather than set an amount for to raise across your empire). Taxes are required so you can raise armies equip them and improve the cities. Watch out for famine affecting your population, the larger the city the more prone it is to famine so you need to keep a close eye on food stocks which require to be purchased.
The graphics for the game in my opinion were quite good for the time it was made, game play was good although not to the standard of today’s rpg/strategy games as you would expect. A couple of modern games I would liken it to would be dune and command and conquer although not as highly involved as these two games are which no one would really expect from the game anyway.
All in all, realms in my opinion was a thoroughly enjoyable game on which I lost many hours in my early teens. If you have never played it, I would highly recommend that you try it as I’m sure it will give many players hours of enjoyment.
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Ad_nauseum73 (07/04/2010)
a great game for anyone. play it and find out how great it is. worth it. do not wait to download. many memories.
Lagrl90210 (02/19/2009)
It was very fun and fascinating. I enjoyed the game a lot, but I think it should be a little harder to beat but over all it was a good game. I'm happy I chose it.

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