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DOS Games > Strategy > S > Solitaire Journey for DOS

Solitaire Journey

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: Quantum Quality Productions    |     Developer: Quantum Quality Productions
Game Review (written by Jules0808) Added on: 09/30/2006
"A game about ten years ahead of its time..."
Many variations of solitaire have been published over the years, including large software packages with hundreds and hundreds of different variations of the game. Solitaire's Journey was one of the first of these, and to this day, remains one of the very best.
When most people think of solitaire, they think of the solitaire that comes bundled with Windows. In actual fact, this is only one version of solitaire, known outside Windows as Klondike. The term 'solitaire' refers to any single-player card game, and there are many of those indeed.
Solitaire's Journey contains over 100 different variations of solitaire card games, for the solitaire buff to enjoy for many hours.
In Solitaire's Journey, any player can keep their own profile, complete with high scores for each of the solitaire versions. Players are ranked against each other on scoreboards for each game, try to beat your friend's average scores for some of the hardest games!
But these features aren't anything new, or noteworthy, nowadays, even though they were when the game came out in 1991. What sets Solitaire's Journey apart from the masses of other solitaire packages, even today, are its other modes of play - instead of boring old 'pick a game, play it, record your score', SJ includes the modes of Quests and Journeys, and this is where
No Thumbnail available
the game really shines.
Yes, you can actually play solitaire Quests. Each of the different difficulty Quests takes place in a building with one or more floors, and you, the player, can move around from room to room taking different solitaire challenges. Collect gold bars from completing challenges such as obtaining a certain score in a certain game of solitaire. Some games are harder than they look, it will take skill to pick each challenge correctly. Collect a certain number of gold bars and head to the end room to complete the Quest. Try to beat your best score for the Quest, i. e. the distance you need to move to collect all the bars and win.
Journeys work similarly, except you're moving from town to town across a map of the United States of America. You start off with $75 in your back pocket, and you must travel from city to city. Complete challenges in each city to win money to continue on - beat the game you're playing and score a free pass between any two cities. Plot your route and pick your challenges well, and you will do well. Again, in quests and journeys, scores are placed on a scoreboard, so you can compete against your friends, family, whoever you can rope into playing solitaire as much as I do.
If you love frittering away time playing solitaire card games, this game is a must-get. It offers many gameplay modes that haven't been replicated even now, over ten years later, and may just be one of the hidden PC gems of all time. Hats off to you, Quantum Quality Productions, for creating one of the best solitaire games of all time. No bells, no whistles, just pure strategy and fun.
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Pshirakawa (12/19/2010)
This is the best computerized solitaire game ever. I played all these games with cards and it was so cool to be able to do them on the computer! I still have my original disk and manual - but no drive to read the disk! I loved the copy protection (find a particular word in the user manual) and the journeys and quests were a true innovation!
Sticker1 (10/15/2010)
This is the best solitaire game to date! I cannot understand why another solitaire game with purpose has not been introduced since!
Gator147 (08/10/2010)
Solitaire's Journey is an excellent old collection of various solitaire games that I have enjoyed for years. Play it every day. Some games are very easy and others I have never won. Panic set in when I lost a .dll and needed to reload it. It may be old like me, but it still pleases.
Pegasussince1983 (07/27/2010)
I first purchased this game in 1992 on *GASP* 5 1/4 " floppy disks. Very soon after, I upgraded to a computer that could not use those disks and I found out the game files could not be successfully transferred to 3 1/2 " disks so they could be transferred between computers. Because of that, I called up QQP to see what to do about that because I LOVED Solitaire's Journey (that is the correct name - I still have the handbook that came with my original copy of the game) and they told me to send back the disks I had and they would send back disks I could use. I waited patiently about 8 weeks and called back to find out the number was disconnected and they had gone out of business. Even though, QQP went out of business, I highly doubt it was because they put out junk if I were to go by the quality of Solitaire's Journey which is the most excellent of all of the solitaire for PC games that have come out before or after Solitaire's Journey. I tend to tire of all solitaire games after about a month. With Solitaire's Journey, I am still a hard core fan after 18 years and after having to jump through many hoops over the years to get another copy each time I get a new computer.
Limoil (11/29/2009)
This was my first addiction to games on the computer. It is challenging for those who wish to compete for personal best. I had the old DOS version and am thrilled to find it again in a windows format.
Sadblister (09/03/2009)
Solitaire's Journey is the most entertaining game that I've had the privilege to play. It can keep you on the edge of your seat and/or frustrate you completely. Just when you think you've been doing so well, ya gotta try again.
Retrogame42 (10/11/2008)
This is a very good game. It is challenging. Excellent replay value. The quests are good, you can either play every room or head straight to the exits, Personally I love the tournaments and the ability to create your own. The Journeys are a real challenge that will test even the most diehard solitaire enthusiasts. This is sadly a game ahead of its time. So happy to be able to have it again.

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