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DOS Games > Strategy > T > Tank Wars for DOS

Tank Wars

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1986    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Bagelslayer) Added on: 08/18/2006
What a classic game! When I first saw it in church (of all places), I wasn't that impressed. But after I saw everybody playing the game and the simple, yet, impressive graphics, such as an atomic bomb's explosion taking up most of the screen- it was just fun to watch. But when you play the game, it is a totally different experience. You must calculate the trajectory, the wind speed, and what his remaining weapons are. Instead of just having your tank remain intact and wasting every weapon, the tank can explode if hit correctly- so watch out! The trees can be a pain in the butt- getting in the way of your weapons, and getting on top of a flat area if you have been trapped in a hole.

You can alter the strength of your enemy by selecting the strength of which he plays. The color of the tanks, if Iím not mistaking, can be changed to which color you desire. A few features of this game such as the parachute that can deploy if you have been shot from off of a cliff. I like the precise calculations that allow you to make precise, exact, calculations, and then, if you are just one unit off, this can cause you to either win or lose the game!
The name is awesome, and while this is a classic game, there are probably better versions and or games out there. Moving is truly a great strategy in this game, and as a general
Tank WarsTank Wars
rule, start at about 60 percent UNLESS you have a definite shot at the enemy. I don't know if it's really appropriate for family gatherings, but it certainly CAN bring your family together to play the game. Itís simple, addicting, and there's always that strategy about purchasing less powerful weapons or less amounts of more powerful weapons. Either will do, it's just your strategy that counts. Donít be discouraged if you are killed the first few times.
It takes a few times to get the hang of the game - but once you do, it is such an addicting game. Despite the vintage-ness genre of the game, and even with the advance ness of the x-box and ps3, this game can not be topped in the world of today. I like this game very much, and I would highly recommend this game to anyone of any nation, or any age group, because, despite what it says, it is not really all that violent.
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Gypsykatz (10/25/2008)
This is a classic old school game, one of the first. It was so simple and yet my friends and I used to spend hours on it.
Wrath_wrath (10/11/2008)
This game may be old but it's really fun. If you want a game that has good graphics and a game thats fun and can be played with your friends, then choose this game.

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