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TOP 100 DOS Games
1. Gold of the Americas (Current Score: 9.81)
Gold of the Americas is a turn based strategy game set in colonial times. Your job is to explore and colonize different lands and defend them from other powers (IE: England, France, ...
  Download Gold of the Americas >>
2. Hardwar (Current Score: 9.80)
Hardwar is a space simulation game set on Saturn's moon Titan. The player begins in a defunct, abandoned mining colony as the pilot of a small aircraft called a MOTH. They have the ...
  Download Hardwar >>
3. HyperBlade (Current Score: 9.72)
Hyperblade is a nasty bloody gory kind of a game with absolutely none of the standard rules of football. It’s a game where a team has to score points by scoring the "ball" inside ...
  Download HyperBlade >>
4. Wasteland (Current Score: 9.67)
Wasteland is the forerunner in spirit and in design of all post-apocalyptic RPGs, such as the Fallout series. In fact, Fallout could be considered in a lot of ways (including its ...
  Download Wasteland >>
5. Hammer of The Gods (Current Score: 9.67)
Hammer of the Gods by Holistic Software is probably one of the best pre Heroes of Might and Magic games available. Granted, in today's world of high end graphics and Hollywood ...
  Download Hammer of The Gods >>
6. Clash of Steel (Current Score: 9.65)
I enjoy playing Clash of Steel even with all the new games that have come out lately. While its graphics are not up to par even with many of the older games, its turn based system and ...
  Download Clash of Steel >>
7. Solitaire Journey (Current Score: 9.64)
"A game about ten years ahead of its time..." Many variations of solitaire have been published over the years, including large software packages with hundreds and hundreds of ...
  Download Solitaire Journey >>
8. Sentinel Worlds (Current Score: 9.61)
The first installment of Sentinel Worlds Future Magic was released in 1989 by Electronic Arts. It is one of the best early examples of a science fiction role playing games and is still ...
  Download Sentinel Worlds >>
9. Wing Commander: Privateer (Current Score: 9.61)
This game consumed my life. No other game brought me into the atmosphere of mercenary space life like this non linear adventure space extravaganza. I was so excited for Freelancer when ...
  Download Wing Commander: Privateer >>
10. Alternate Reality: The City (Current Score: 9.60)
Alternate Reality: The City is a first-person role playing game that was created by Phillip Price in 1985 for the Atari 8000. Three years later the game was ported for other systems ...
  Download Alternate Reality: The City >>
11. Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (Current Score: 9.60)
Whenever a game spawns a sequel, video gamers take notice and assume that the game have had some degree of success in the commercial market. Whenever a game spawns two sequels or a few ...
  Download Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord >>
12. Legend of Faerghail (Current Score: 9.58)
Ah, Legend of Faerghail. Silly name - splendid game. I remember me and my mate Steve playing this game into the wee hours of the night in my formative years, whilst his mum shouted for ...
  Download Legend of Faerghail >>
13. Slipstream 5000 (Current Score: 9.58)
Wow this takes me back to the 90’s and the music was more like from the 80’s. Basic graphics, but there is a good choice of aircraft (10 planes/jets) and fun old school game play. ...
  Download Slipstream 5000 >>
14. Yogho Yogho (Current Score: 9.57)
No review available yet
  Download Yogho Yogho >>
15. Gloriana - Elisabeth I (Current Score: 9.56)
Gloriana - Elisabeth I is a historical game that takes place between 1550 and 1588. You start off as a poor merchant with little money and a small ship. You strive to become on of the ...
  Download Gloriana - Elisabeth I >>
16. Spellcross (Current Score: 9.53)
Spellcross is a turn based strategic war game. The game has been split into two levels, which are strategic and tactical. During the strategic part you will decide what is the more ...
  Download Spellcross >>
17. Trolls (Current Score: 9.50)
The plot of Trolls is simple. There are some baby trolls. The baby trolls are kidnapped. One big troll waits for his owner, the toymaker, to go to bed. At midnight the big troll ...
  Download Trolls >>
18. Card Sharks (Current Score: 9.50)
Card Sharks is a game based on the TV game show of the same name that ran for many years (and is still currently shown on the game show network). In it, two players play each other and ...
  Download Card Sharks >>
19. Pushover (Current Score: 9.50)
Title: Push-Over (Colin loses his Quavers) Publisher: Red Rat & Ocean Year: 1992 One of the greatest games of all time, Push-over is essential for puzzle buffs young or old. This ...
  Download Pushover >>
20. Captive (Current Score: 9.50)
The game I choose to review is "Captive", which I played about fifteen years ago. I was unable to look up the release date or the author, and that's unfortunate, because he deserves ...
  Download Captive >>
21. CivNet (Current Score: 9.50)
The first time I played CivNet I loved it! I had been a big fan of the original Civilization and had played for hours and hours on end. CivNet is essentially a Windows version of ...
  Download CivNet >>
22. Imperialism (Current Score: 9.50)
Although somewhat outdated Imperialism, it was what started and continues to be the groundwork for strategy games today such as Age of Empires, the Command and Conquer Series, Heroes ...
  Download Imperialism >>
23. Star Command Deluxe (Current Score: 9.48)
Star Command: Deluxe is a real time strategy game based on the DOS version called Star Command: Revolution. At first glance Star Command may seem just like another strategy clone but ...
  Download Star Command Deluxe >>
24. Carrier Command (Current Score: 9.47)
Carrier command was a game that was ahead of its time. It combined all of the elements of a strategy game, flight simulator, ship simulator, and first-person action, all in one. Even ...
  Download Carrier Command >>
25. Tie Fighter (Current Score: 9.47)
Tie Fighter is a space combat simulation where the player (“pilot”) can fly any of the TIE starship variants, along with several other Imperial craft, in a series of missions for the ...
  Download Tie Fighter >>
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