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DOS Games > Utilities > Star Trek: The Screensaver for DOS

Star Trek: The Screensaver

Genre: Not Specified    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Chromearea) Added on: 10/25/2006
This was a great addition to After Dark in the days of Windows 3.1. It features 256 colors animation and wav audio. Not only is it just a screen saver but is interactive and most entertaining to any original series Star Trek fan. There are many different events that can take place on the screen. You can have Hortas from episode 'Devil in the Dark' eat tunnels on your desktop and lay eggs while chasing those doomed red shirts. Another mode drops cooing tribbles on the screen which screech once and awhile when a Klingon appears.
What's great is random Spock. Spock will walk around scanning your icons with his tricorder and burn holes in your desktop with his phaser. He will mutter phrases like "fascinating" and "illogical." Some times a music instrument will fly by and he'll be forced to play it as seen in the episode 'Plato's Stepchildren'. If not, he normally walks around with his hands clasped behind his back with an occasional urge to scan things. Should a plant sprout up and spray him with spores he becomes giddy and silly.
Watching Spock wander around on your desktop is much more exciting than reading about it. With the final frontier mode you get Kirk making decisions on the animated bridge and once in awhile yelling at Scotty who
Star Trek: The Screensaver
is shown in engineering yelling "This jury rigging won't last for long!" The interactive portion is called "The Final Exam." A console panel appears on the screen to intimidating Star Trek music and you must answer timed trivia questions based on plots from the Star Trek episodes.
The whole effect of the screen saver is the nostalgia value it brings. The simplistic days of working with old Windows 3.1 and appreciating classic Star Trek before The Next Generation revived the fan base. Those were the days, and if you have an old box that can run this which you haven't trashed yet, you might as well dedicate it to playing all the little scenarios this screen saver has to offer because of the old school enjoyment it will bring. There wasn't much Original Series content made for PCs now that we have the newer series, but this software is definitely worth getting to enjoy and appreciate that classic Kirk and Spock Star Trek.
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Hammondk41 (11/29/2008)
One of the best interactive screensavers ever. I found out about it in school. My teacher had it for his computer. I later got my own copy from a friend of mine.
Christopher83 (12/23/2007)
I love this game! The graphics are great!
Yet another module for the world's most popular screensaver After Dark. The program features the original cast, great sound effects, and diverse modules to make staring at the monitor more entertaining. Not as informative as LucasArts' Star Wars Entertainment, but still a great value for all Trekkie fans.

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