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As Seen on TV – Hill Street Blues Videogame Review

Right from the TV Series, a game edition of ‘Hill street blues’ available to every follower of this version of the story in which the panorama remains full of criminals and red and blue car lights. Here, in Classic PC Games, have all the details for you.

The Storyline

The game begins the same that the TV series, its difference now is, that you have the whole control. Are you able to the crime rate of the several precincts and districts of the city?

In order to make this happen, in this complex but also enjoyable adventure, you’ll have under control nine officers and five rookies and the presence of patrols to intend to reduce the number of crimes committed in each area.

Appealing Features

Moreover, out of its appealing story, there are some other features that make this game very catchy. As an example, you can have a great view of the precincts, with complete roads, detailed cars, and buildings, the same for the citizens, who are around 400 characters with a different appearance.

Similarly, helpful and attracting trait is that the game is differently lighted, night and day. Perhaps, its most appealing tool is ‘the radio operator’, whose work is to convey the information of crimes on the process. It’s a game lightly-based on strategy.

It’s Fairly Easy

Although there is a guide with entire instructions of the game, it is important to highlight that an hour of gameplay is all enough to get familiar with the game and have clear the mission and the ways to fulfill it.

It’s also remarkable that, checking the whole scene of the crime it’s a must since there you could discover useful evidence to find guilty and solve crimes. Otherwise, you would be asked to attend the court or even have your accused out of jail due to the lack of evidence.

However, you must be clever to arrive at the scene as the city has so many real features that you could be even stuck on traffic! Use your intelligence to catch every criminal and keep your city saved.