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Mario Bros 2 – The Weirdest of the Saga?

When listening about any ‘Mario Bros’ games we all expect certain features to remain in its story, even if the edition is supposed to be new. The princess, an enemy, and our forever lovable hero are things that we also waited for this well-known franchise. This time, we took a look back time to highlight one of the first editions of this franchise.

This Seems Odd from the Get-Go

Something unusual happened in Nintendo’s sequels of games. Perhaps Nintendo wanted to try drastic changes at the beginning of its series. As an example, Zelda II is one of its franchises already going in a patently odd direction.

In case of Mario Bros. 2, what seems to attire everybody’s attention is related to the new characters, the change of enemies and the special powers with, that our hero is now able to use. And even though they’re either kind of a sequel or spinoff from their original content, it’s makes them word harder to maintain the standards.

The Story Has Now Changed

The new story sets Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the princess into a peculiar dream world called ‘Subcon’, an abbreviation of Subconscious, which a villain who’s known as ‘Wart’, has owned.

It is possible to play with any of the characters. In fact, each one of them can be played differently from one another you can also find different versions of the game on live kasino aswell .

Toad Is the Best

As we expected, Mario is the best when it’s about balance, handling and jumping. Things begin to be weird when you play with Toad, who’s actually faster than everybody else, and even has a little bit of power, but the only thing he is not the best at, is jumping. Actually, his jump seems to be weak.

On the opposite, Luigi is the one who has the highest jump among them, though he’s also sensitive to control and kind of pretty difficult character to use. Which surprises everyone is, The Princess, just the best character in the game, doesn’t have powers at all but she has the ability to hover in the air for a few seconds during her jump.

You Can’t Kill Your Enemies?

Finally, this gameplay also changed the way you kill enemies of the original Super Mario Bros. In fact, you don’t kill them, you just stop them standing on its head and pick them up before you throw them at your other rivals.

Moreover, there are some vegetables in the ground you could use as weapons. Bombs and POW special boxes that cause earthquakes and remove any adversaries currently on display are other features included on this, which is a strange edition, even if making some changes isn’t always a bad idea.

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