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10 Video Game Skills That Help You Work Better

As video games get more advanced, more businesses are contemplating the valuable skill set that video gaming provides to a company and how these skills might enhance employee productivity and profitability.

While your parents may have told you that video games would get you nowhere in life, it turns out that video games teach a wide range of abilities, from teamwork to interpreting complex instructions, that are extremely valuable to business owners. Whether you’re playing games to kill time or get a competitive advantage over your pals, you’re picking up skills that businesses increasingly recognize as critical to their success.

So, here are ten advantages and essential skills that you may gain from playing video games that can help you be a better employee.

Video Games Have Helped Me Develop Valuable Skills

1. Taking Chances

Playing a modern video game escalates the stakes by placing your avatar and progress at risk from in-game fatalities or setbacks, even if it isn’t a real-life danger. Gamers quickly learn how to navigate unexpected territory and circumstances to face the unknown and safely get themselves or their team out of dangerous situations, preparing them to face dangers and the unknown in real life.

While being reckless is not desired, having measured, strategic risk-takers on your team can propel your company forward.

2. Perseverance and Patience

Patience and perseverance are rare skills that aid in professional and personal success. Mentally strong people are patient and understand how to apply these talents to deal with difficult situations while waiting for success, which translates to a team members willing to work their way up through the ranks to become a valuable asset to your company.

3. Identifying and Resolving Issues

Puzzle problems and other impediments in video games frequently need players to change their perceptions or tactics to find successful answers. I recall being a kid and discovering that the pace of the internal clock mechanisms in the Super Mario level Tick Tock Clock was determined by when you entered the level.

These planning, flexibility, and experimentation skills are perfected through time and contribute to the corporate environment by allowing gamers to discover creative solutions with limited resources in crisis circumstances, work obstacles, and conflicts.

4. Planning a strategy

Many video games involve strategy and strategic approaches to progress in the game and complete a sequence of actions to reach the next level of award. Due to the deep planning and design involved in games like Civilization and StarCraft have become highly popular.

Strategic thinkers are also useful in the business world, where much of a company’s success depends on its ability to adapt to the challenges of a changing business environment.

5. Consciousness

Video game settings necessitate the player’s undivided attention to succeed. Consider games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, which need entire focus to achieve.

These distractions can hinder productivity and make employees less productive in a commercial setting, so having a player who is used to focusing completely on their task is a tremendous asset to profitability.

6. Management

Players in multiplayer video games frequently form teams with appointed leaders who decide on their strategy and tactics. Setting up times, communicating with other players, developing plans, identifying strengths and weaknesses within the team, maintaining morale, and keeping other players focused on the work at hand are all team leader’s responsibilities.

These abilities are developed over time and through experience working with various teams in various gaming conditions and circumstances.

7. Social abilities

Multiplayer video games necessitate player involvement and distant teamwork through the use of a webcam, Bluetooth headset, and social networking. Players must develop social skills such as timeliness, courtesy, excellent sportsmanship, and a healthy sense of competition to engage with other players pleasantly.

These skills result in employees who are eager and able to successfully work as part of a team, show up on time, collaborate, encourage others, and freely contribute ideas and strategies to come up with solutions to business problems in a business setting.

8. Applying Critical Thinking

In a video game, every decision has risks and consequences, so competent gamers know how to weigh their options and use their best judgment to complete objectives and campaigns. These decisions must often be made in a split second. Therefore gamers must develop analytical skills quickly in high-pressure scenarios and maintain calm in stressful conditions.

When it comes to business, panicking decision-making in time-sensitive situations may be disastrous, so having level-headed, quick decision-makers on your team to examine current data and draw insights for the next steps to solve a problem is crucial.

9. Recognizing Patterns

Since the beginning, finding and exploiting patterns has been a significant component of progressing and winning video games. This usually entails evaluating massive amounts of data and situations to uncover underlying causes and forecast the game’s future. Rhythm-action games like Just Dance are the most obvious examples.

In today’s corporate world, data-driven decision-making entails evaluating data, recognizing patterns, and making forecasts for solving problems or staying ahead of the competition.

10. Multitasking

Video games used to be so straightforward. A ball was present, and you were required to hit it, and you had to be the first person to do so. Of course, the technology they were working with had a lot to do with the simplicity of ancient games. However, as game technology progressed, the challenges became increasingly difficult.

Take, for example, the massively popular Grand Theft Auto games. Players must now battle against enemies, navigate busy streets, and make a phone call while racing to a certain place in a set period. It’s a lot of information to take in at once (which I think is the GTA motto).

When playing this kind of game, the intense situational awareness and management required to improve the player’s ability to juggle many activities while filtering out distractions. Multitasking efficiently can help you be more productive and improve your performance in the workplace.